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Hemianopia is a condition caused by damage to the optic nerve or optic pathway behind the eye. this nerve travels throughout the brain connecting with all other parts and ending at the visual cortex at the back of the head.

A hemianopia is where half the vision is lost, often exactly half with a straight line down the middle and blindness on one side and normal sight on the other.

Quarter vision losses are also common. these are often permanent and create difficulty with walking and reading. For example loss of vision of the left hand side would cause a patient to bump into things on that side and struggle to find the beginning of the next line when reading.

Conventional treatments are patchy to non-existent and suffers can be referred as far away as University College London for assessment. However there is a lens system which we now use which provides what is best described as a wing mirror to alert the subject to obstacles in the blind field. These lenses known as PELI Lenses can be difficult to use but with practice and training can provide valuable benefit to the wearer. In some states in the USA the licensing authorities allow wearers to recommence driving.

We also have a therapy programme available to help suffers make the best use of the vision that they have got and come to terms with their disability. This is based on a programme designed by Mary Weber, Occupational Therapist in the USA and has a proven track record.