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Hemianopia is a condition caused by damage to the optic nerve or optic pathway behind the eye. this nerve travels throughout the brain connecting with all other parts and ending at the visual cortex at the back of the head.

The Vestibular System

Vision is fundamental when it comes to maintaining our balance, (if you don’t believe us try standing on one foot with your eyes closed) and our vision system works with our balance centres in our ears to prevent us from falling over. Sometimes as the result of injury or infection this link can be lost or distorted. We have all probably experienced this as a temporary phenomenon in sea sickness.

Neuro-Developmental Delay

Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) is a term used to describe an immature and underdeveloped nervous and reflex system that have held up stages of early development. The immature reflexes interfere with subsequent motor development, visual functioning, hand eye coordination and perceptual skills of the child. We often talk about retained primitive reflexes leading to NDD.

Childrens Eyes

Most people would not hesitate to take their child to the dentist as soon as they have teeth but not many think to take them to the Optometrist. Indeed many Optometrists will not see children under the age of seven believing that these children should be seen at the hospital.

Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Are you concerned that your young child may not be learning, communicating or relating socially as well as other children of the same age? Dyslexia is a language-based processing disorder that can hinder reading, writing, spelling and speaking, can create barriers to enjoying social interactions and can have a negative impact on self-esteem.

Coloured Overlays and lenses or meares irlen syndrome

A number of children find the glare of black print on white paper very difficult to cope with when reading. This can lead to symptoms which can be mistaken for dyslexia or other reading problems. These difficulties can be improved by using coloured paper or by a specific overlay. If this is noticeably helpful we can incorporate precision tinted lenses using the cerium colorimeter, in a pair of glasses which are much more convenient to use and can be used whilst writing or on the computer.


Unbelievably 12-15% of the population suffer from migraine of a frequency between daily and annually. There are many triggers including food. Cheese, chocolate and food colourings are obvious non culprits. Hormonal headaches are common, stress including visual stress we have all suffered with and modern occupations often involve long periods of computer work which cause headaches.

Squints and Lazy Eyes

Amblyopia is a condition in which vision in one or both eyes cannot be fully corrected even after the correct eyeglasses have been prescribed. In a child with normal visual development, the brain receives information from both the right eye and the left eye and combines the two to see one clear picture of the world. 

Brain Injury

The visual process involves so much of the brain that almost any head trauma whether it is due to traumatic brain injury for example in a whiplash accident or blow to the head. Or from vascular disease such as a stroke, vision and visual perception is going to be affected. We have also seen a number of patients who have been left with difficulties due to infection and demyelinating conditions.