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Childrens Eyes

Children eyes matter

Most people would not hesitate to take their child to the dentist as soon as they have teeth but not many think to take them to the Optometrist. Indeed many Optometrists will not see children under the age of seven believing that these children should be seen at the hospital.

Not so at John Glover. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to develop perfect 20/20 vision and will do our utmost to help that happen. Vision begins to develop from the moment a child opens its eyes and can also start to go wrong at that point too.

We believe that children should have their first eye test at eighteen months. At this age we can already spot lazy eyes and squints as well as the white pupil problems that unfortunately some children are born with. The sooner these problems are found the better the eventual outcome. If we don’t spot a lazy eye soon enough it will always be lazy. We are happy to see children even earlier if you have concerns. After that there should be a recheck at four and a half before they start school. And then ideally every two years up to the age of sixteen. 

Don’t wait until they can’t read before you find they can’t see.