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Coloured Overlays and lenses or meares irlen syndrome

A number of children find the glare of black print on white paper very difficult to cope with when reading. This can lead to symptoms which can be mistaken for dyslexia or other reading problems. These difficulties can be improved by using coloured paper or by a specific overlay. If this is noticeably helpful we can incorporate precision tinted lenses using the cerium colorimeter, in a pair of glasses which are much more convenient to use and can be used whilst writing or on the computer.

We believe coloured overlays and tinted lenses can improve reading ability and visual perception, increase sustained reading time, and eliminate symptoms associated with reading such as light sensitivity, eyestrain, headaches, blurring of print, loss of place, and watery eyes.

We have a great deal of expertise in this field and can offer these services if you think you or your child might be suffering from these problems. We have seen remarkable improvements in peoples reading age speed fluency and comprehension with the help of colour. Please talk to our staff for more details.

without an overlay

with an overlay