How can I join?

If you’ve fenced before you can just turn up to any Thursday session. The first intermediate session is on the 28.9.17.

If you’re a complete beginner we run an 11 week beginners course every semester. We expect you to commit to attending the session every week. As places are limited you will have to come down to the taster session at the start of term to sign up. This year’s summer taster session will take place on Tuesday the 26.9.17.


How can I learn more about fencing?

We’ve provided some resources for you on our useful links page. You’re always welcome to come and speak to any of the other members and committee about any questions you may have. We will do our best to answer them or will at least be able to tell you where to look.


How much does it cost?

Student membership for a full year is £75. For more information please go to our membership page.


Can I get a refund on my membership?

No, we cannot refund memberships. So before you sign up come down to meet us and get a feel for the club. Your first session with us is free!


Do I need my own kit? Can I borrow kit? What do I need to bring?

No you can borrow kit from the club. Numbers are limited so if you have any of your own fencing kit please bring it along.

For every session you should bring water and wear trainers or fencing shoes if you have them (this isn’t essential). We recommend wearing athletic clothing to training (you keep on your own clothes underneath the fencing kit). If you are a beginner or do not own breeches you will need to wear long trackies.


How much does full kit cost?

A basic starter kit will run you about £500 new. Of course higher quality kit will more expensive but last far longer. If you have any question about buying kit feel free to ask our committee for help.

We appreciate that fencing can be an expensive sport and you can borrow some kit from the club. We also offer our members a discount on Leon Paul kit if purchased through the club. We usually place an order with them twice a year – in the second half of the first term and in the first half of the second term. Second hand kit can also be a great option but it can take some patience to find what you’re looking for. We’re more than happy to help you to get started.


I see people wearing cool player layer kit around uni, where can I get some?

You can order our branded uni kit here http://playerlayer.com/account/university-of-manchester-athletic-union/manchester-university-fencing-club.html

We will also order club hoodies towards late October. Keep an eye on our facebook page about this.


When do you train? Is training on this week?

We train on Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time in the Sugden Centre.


Our first beginners session this year will be on the 26.9.17 and our intermediate session will be on the 28.9.17.


The sessions are split as follows Beginners: Tuesday 8.30-10.30

Team: Tuesday 8.30-10.30 (by invitation)

Intermediates and Team: Thursday 8.30-10.30


Please note that this is when training starts, we expect everybody to be changed and ready to start by 8.30.


If you’d like to know about additional training speak to one of our captains.


How can I become part of the team?

We expect a certain standard of fencing in team members but the key qualities we look for are commitment and enthusiasm. Our team members are expected to train twice a week as well as attending matches on Wednesday afternoons. In short: if you love fencing and you want to be on the team we will make that happen.

We don’t hold any formal trials. We usually recruit the new team from among the intermediate fencers and will approach you within the first couple of weeks if we think you’re suitable. We’re always looking for keen new team members and you’re more than welcome to approach us about joining the team. If you’re very enthusiastic but maybe not quite at team level in terms of performance we will do our best to help you get there. Our performance captain is responsible for the development of individual fencers, she’s a good person to speak to!


If you’re a beginner who’s interested in joining the team the best thing to do is to speak to us directly. We are very keen for beginners to progress to intermediate level and then team and will do our best to help you do that.


How can I become part of the committee?

The new committee is elected at the end of every year at the AGM (annual general meeting). But you don’t need to wait that long to get involved! There’s plenty of ways to support the club, feel free to ask one of the current committee members about it.


Dates for your Diaries

21.9.17 Sports Fair – come say hello!

24.9.17 Pre-Season Training and Welcome Back Social

(all previous members and alumni welcome, experienced fencers hoping to join the team this year by invitation – email us for details)

26.9.17 Summer Taster Session – never fenced before? This is your chance to give it a go. Details will be available on our website and facebook page closer to the time.

28.9.17 First Intermediate Training Session – for everybody who has fenced before.

7.10.17 Freshers’ Curry – A firm favourite in our social calendar and a great way to get to know the club. We’ll take you for dinner on the legendary curry mile, followed by a treasure hunt. Mixed teams of old and new members compete for awesome prizes.

14.10.17 Team Social

9.12.17 Christmas Dinner and alumni competition

27-28.1.18 Stirling Sword – post-exam trip to Scotland for a mixed team competition and celebration of temporary freedom.


There’s a lot to look forward to in the second term: the winter taster session and refreshers social in January, the AGM and trip to Paris in April and the Summer BBQ at the end of the year!

16. – 18. February BUCS Individuals – national competition for university fencers and contributes to our overall BUCS score. Many people stay for the whole weekend. The competition itself is a lot of fun, you get to spend time with the club and meet fencers from all over the country. We usually eat good food, have a hotel pyjama party with the team and there’s also a big night out on Saturday night.

We also try to organise for groups to go to the closest national circuit competitions together. The ones we usually attend include the Leeds Open, Trans Pennine Open (held in Manchester), Merseyside Open and Lancaster Open. For a full list of competitions check out the allentries calendar here.