Meet Holly!

Named for Christmas luck!

I first spotted holly in April 2014
She was sat on my flat roof and in a ragged state , I could tell straight away she had been living ruff

I spent many days, nights and hours running through people's gardens and trying my best to catch her or get her to come over to me



Holly's treatment costs are mounting, please help us and donate any amount to her vet's bills


The story so far....

Late evenings when I would look out my window and see her sat alone in someone's drive or front garden or running across the busy road, I'd slip some shoes on and go out to try and get to her but it never happened ...

I've followed her all over including local waste ground where I saw her and I was stopped by a neighbour who said I should just leave her be as she must be happy living on the street otherwise she would come over to me!


I set up a dog crate on my flat roof and covered it will tarpaulin to keep it dry and weather proof and kept a constant supply of food and water and a dry place to sleep in the hope I could gain her trust.

On a few occasions I was able to sneak up behind her whilst she was eating and I would be so close to grabbing her but then she would see me and bolt.

All though summer she would come into the garden on to my flat roof and sit there, I'd see her in my neighbours gardens and as soon as she saw me approaching she would go.

I saw her wandering the local area and housing estates as I was driving around, she must walk far and wide !

She had no home ....

On 03rd December 2014 I had an early morning appointment ... As I drove back home and up my driveway I saw her saw on my flat roof, as soon as I pulled up she ran on to next doors driveway ...

I ran in, got some chicken and went back out on to my own driveway and sat on the ground and threw chicken through the bushes in her direction, for a few moments she sat and watched me intently .. Then all of a sudden she walked past all the pieces of chicken, walked up to the piece I still had in my hand and instead of taking it .. She collapsed in my hand !!

She had had enough of running !

I grabbed her ... Pulled her into me and ran in my house !!

I'd got her ! I shouted to my husband who immediatly came to see !

I have a small spare room in which i emptied out all the furnishings incase of fleas etc and set her up with everything she needs from litter tray to food, and a portable DVD player so she can get used to home noises and a nice comfy bed right next to the radiator !

The following morning I took her to the vet, we discovered she is approximately 2 years old and she was diagnosed with a flea infestation she also had worms and a bad case of cat flu.

Medications and recovery

She is currently on antibiotics for the flu and she has been deflea'd and dewormed.

She has been sneezing and coughing a great deal but her prognoses looks promising !!

Holly's time on the cold streets is over ! I don't think she would have made it though a harsh winter !

She needs a loving home of her own, she loves cuddles and being stroked and just likes to sleep in the warmth and have a nice meal !

It's the least she deserves



Meet Kim....


Kim is a bit special, she would think nothing of legging it across a busy main road to rescue a stranded Pug or lob bits of chicken at a stray cat.
She is devoted to animals; some may say obsessed.....most would say obsessed....everyone who knows her would say obsessed...but its what she does :)